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Mountain Imaging - An Intermountain Region medical/diagnostic imaging company.  We offer service, repair, installation (both new and used), relocation services and brokering.  As a distributor for all the major brands of equipment from full x-ray rooms to parts to digital imaging or processing, we can get what your looking for, including financing.  We pride ourselves on working with you to build what you need, not what we want you to purchase. 


  • Mountain Imaging is a locally owned and operated full-service x-ray dealership.
  • Special relationships for digital equipment and storage, suited to every clinical and financial need.
  • The most reliable source for x-ray and medical imaging repairs and upgrades, guaranteed.
  • We carry a full range of film processors, supplies and accessories.
  • Mountain Imaging is operating in the digital age, we can help you advance too.
  • We offer layout design, technique assistance, relocation (room moves), 3rd party installation and brokering.
  • We Are the competition!


Are you fully digital?  We also offer digital medical image and patient records storage.  With full tier 1 data centers (15 across the globe), military grade security and encryption, Full triple redundancy, Full failover.  With our partner company CriticalMASS Technologies, your entire office's digital foot print can be secured with full/partial backups, machine image restores and to top it off, we also offer hosted PAX services.

Mountain Imaging is your source for x-ray, medical/diagnostic imaging equipment and digital storage.  We know how to honor your needs!